This bike mount sucks

This bike mount really sucks … but in a good way.  I don’t generally write posts enthusing about technology, but I saw  the SeaSuckerTalon for the first time last week. I was genuinely impressed. Apparently they are huge in the US but have only been imported in limited quantities in the UK for the last few years. But now, they are once again available.

So what is so good about them? This oh so clever little thing has three enormously powerful vacuum cups (each one is 210lb pull-strength rated) securing it onto your car’s roof, boot or back glass.  No straps, no mess no mucking about and once it is on there is not a millimetre of wriggle.

SeaSucker Talon Bike Rack

There are some cars that simply don’t have roof bars (I know, sounds crazy) and for owners of such vehicles the Talon will be a godsend.

When you don’t want it messing up your car it comes off in just seconds, and doesn’t leave a mark. It fits on virtually any car and is (as far as I know) the easiest bike rack in the world to use.  TheTalon also looks pretty smart too, and although that shouldn’t really be much of a consideration… let’s be honest with ourselves.

It does come at a price, but when you have spent a heap of dosh on your bike, the value of quickly,  securely and easily fastening it to the car for transport suddenly seems worth a little extra.

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7 / 100

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