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Hedgehog night shot

We wanted to photograph the local wildlife at night, so we bought ourselves a trail camera for Christmas. Four months later, here is my honest review of the Browning Dark Ops Apex Trail Camera. Trail Camera Styling There is something fundamental that you need to get your head around. The

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Two hours from London on the border of Dorset and Devon lies the small seaside town of Lyme Regis. Since the Nineteenth Century the beach has attracted countless people, attracted by the treasure that can be found there. They come for the sea and sunshine, but also to hunt for

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Whether starting from seeds or seedlings bought from a nursery, Growing chilies at home is so simple that even if you don’t ‘do it properly’ you will still probably end up with a great crop of delicious fiery peppers. Not just the bog standard varieties either. You can enjoy exotic

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Nettles are nasty stinging weeds and we all hate them. Except that they are also a fantastic for turning into nettle beer which gets you trousered is easy to make and tastes utterly delicious. For these reasons I have to say that I think nettles are wonderful plants that should

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When breaking up wooden pallets you will always get a few short boards and a few split boards. But even these seemingly useless pieces can be turned into wonderful things. Making a bird box from old scraps of pallets is easy, but the reward of seeing a pair of finches

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