Changing the glass on a dual fuel stove

The glass of our Stovax 4 has cracked.  Thankfully the task of changing the glass is an easy one that anybody can do.

Go online and order a new glass pane and while you are at it, you can replace the rope seals as well if they are fraying.

Lift the door off the stove and place it face down on a flat surface. I found that a cardboard box with a hole cut to hold the door handle made the perfect Jig for keeping everything stable during the glass replacement process.

The class is held on by four tabs which are screwed to the door. Use a wide flat headed screwdriver and a bit of elbow grease to loosen them off. For any particularly sticky tabs use WD40 or similar to loosen the hold of the creosote build up.

Once the Fortabs have gone the glass should simply lift away. However on some doors the retaining bar is set quite high. This will stop you moving the glass, so loosen the two screws holding the retaining bar as well.

Now take out the old glass and inspect the rope seal. If you find it has decayed, the old seal. This took me about half an hour using assortment of screwdrivers, gouges, knives, pics and whenever I could find in the kitchen.  Good news is that the process of doing a new seal in was very easy. I left them to dry for 24 hours and then inserted the new glass and screw the Fortabs down to hold it in place.

The change was quite remarkable. The airflow in my refurbished Stovax in now back to how it used to be when it was first installed.

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