Cleaning Upholstery

Get Upholstery Clean. Here’s how to remove stains from upholstered furniture and how to remove greasy stains such as accumulated sweat on the arms of a sofa.

Simply rub the upholstery with a baby wet wipe and you will lift the greasy stain from the fabric. This is really effective at removing human grease from the arms of armchairs that slowly accumulate grease over the years. About three wet wipes is all you need per item of furniture.

However, different fabrics react differently to different cleaning chemicals and although baby wipes are by their nature fairly gentle, it is still best to test this solution on a hidden part of your upholstery first.

Of course, Our Victorian Ancestors had an easier solution, small cloths called anitmaccasars were placed wherever grease was likely to accumulate on upholstery, such as the ends of sofa arms. These anti maccasars could be removed and laundered regularly, keeping the furniture looking perfect.

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