Five great tips to get more web visitors with minimum effort.

You want more visitors but you haven’t got much time and energy to spare. What are you going to do? Well the answer is to use these low effort / maximum reward tips to boost traffic without raising too much sweat.

Let Yoast analyse your blog posts before you publish

Yoast is a free plugin that looks at your website and gives you a list of actionable suggestions for improvement. If you load a short post it will tell you to make it longer. If you have already used that keyword, Yoast will let you know. Thats just two of dozens of suggestions that Yoast might suggest.

And it works. There are countless examples of sites who have applied the suggested actions and seen massive uplift in visitors.

If you have a wordpress website then loading yoast (or an alternative such as rankmath or seopress) is one of the easiest ways to boost your search rank and hence your visitor numbers.

Add more images to your post

Google looks at the history of how much time users spend on your page when deciding how high to put you on the search results. So, things things that engage your readers to spend a few more seconds on your site are almost always positive.

Writing extra copy is excellent but takes time. However images also make people pause and look. A recent study noted that each image on a blog post (when in context) was the equivalent of one additional paragraph of text.

So, if you are writing a blog about visiting London, a series of good photos spaced between paragraphs will make your post a more enticing proposition. Google will record the longer interaction time these pics generate and as a result will put your post higher up the search results.

I don’t have relevant photographs

You don’t need to worry if you haven’t got a subject that lends itself to photography, because diagrams can do just as good a job, if not better in some circumstances. If you have a budget there are plenty of graphic designers who can knock up unique bespoke images that will knock your (and your readers’) socks off.

Can I just copy pics off the web

No you cannot, for two reasons.

  • Its illegal
  • Google will know if these are not original and may give your page a down-weighting which will negatively affect your page rank.

Turn off unnecessary plugins

too many plugins

WordPress users are forever adding plugins to their site. Some (like Yoast) are useful but most of them will slow the site down by a tiny fraction. The slowing effect of lots of plugins can be cumulative and sites with too many run so slowly that visitors ‘bounce’ away before a page is fully loaded. If Google sees lots of people doing this on your site they are less likely to display it to visitors in the search results. So by simply turning off some unwanted plugins you get more visitors.

Ensure your website is running fast

This is so important. Your webhosting package should offer fast access. Some hosts sadly get away with very slow servers. Moving to a new host is a hassle, so a good caching plugin can be a great alternative way of speeding up your site. This website uses ‘WP Fastest Cache’ which is free. The setup is quick and the results are astonishing.

Make sure your site looks good on a mobile phone

Even if you yourself never look at your site on a mobile it is a fair assumption that many potential visitors will. Google certainly does, so if the templates don’t work well on mobile you will lose visitors to other sites that do work.

So there you go, five simple but effective ways to boost visitor numbers without raising a sweat about it.

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