How to clean chrome

The proper way to clean chrome taps, spouts and bathroom fittings.

Chrome taps are just plated with a thin chrome veneer, so too many applications of harsh abbrasives and your chrome will be gone for good.

Don’t let chrome lose its shine

Even the best polishes will leave tiny scratches that will encourage the surface to discolour faster than before. Therefore the best advice is never let chrome get dirty in the first place. Wiping down with a microfibre cloth is the best way to keep chrome taps and faucets in out-of-the-box condition. The best hotels know this and cleaners all make sure the chrome is wiped down daily.

microfibre cloth for cleaning chrome

In our house the routine after every shower is a good buff with a special cloth that is used for this purpose only. You don’t need cleaning products. The cloth is all that is required. Microfibre cloths are cheap and available everywhere these days. The fibres themselves are polyester, but are many times finer than silk and it is this quality that makes these cloths so good for cleaning.

Too late, my chrome taps need a proper clean!

The very fact that you are on this webpage probably means that you already have let your chrome get dirty. Generally it is water marks in hasrd water areas that most people get upset about. So here is the proper cleaning procedure.

1 Soapy warm water and a soft cleaning cloth. Put a bit of effort in and see if it comes up clean.

2 The next thing to try is an old toothbrush. If the bristles are fairly soft you can gently try this technique.

3 The nuclear option is to use a vinegar solution to attack the calcium deposits from hard water. A 4 to 1 water to refined cleaning vinegar solution can be used to soak a cloth which you can then wrap around the taps and leave for 4 hours. Repeat as necessary but be careful not to make the solution too strong or leave the vinegar in place for too long. Wash vinegar off with warm soapy water, then rinse with clean water and buff to a shone with a microfibre cloth.

If you have polished chrome in the past we urge you to do as little polishing from now on as possible. For a couple of days you get great looking chrome but it soon fades, tarnishes, pits and generally degrades to leave you with unsightly taps, showers and plugs.

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