How to make Cherry Brandy

Our morello cherry bush produces many hundreds of cherries each year. By turning them into cherry brandy we are able to make Christmas gifts that taste delicious and are highly valued by our friends.

Cherry Brandy Ingredients

Aside from the cherries themselves, the only other ingredients are Vodka, water and sugar.

Firstly the Vodka. It is pointless buying top of the range, triple filtered designer brand vodka. Just get the cheap supermarket own brand stuff.

Choose a less refined sugar like Demerera or ‘light brown sugar’ to add some subtle caramel notes to the finished brandy.

The water comes straight out of the tap.

Technique for making Cherry Brandy

This is so much simpler than most people imagine. Start by putting a cut through the skin of each cherry and place them in a Kilner jar ( or any similar sealable container that holds liquids), filling it about half full. Now pour vodka in till it covers the cherries completely. Add some  water in the ratio of 1 part water to 4 parts vodka. Finally add 2 tablespoons of sugar per litre of liquid; seal the jar and give it a shake. Each time you pass the kitchen, upend the jar to mix up the contents and help the sugar to dissolve. Once the sugar has fully dissolved after a day or perhaps two, place the jar in a cupboard or pantry and leave for at least two weeks before straining the cherries from the brandy. Taste the brandy, adding more sugar for sweetness if wanted, or a little more water if it is too strong.  Place in attractive bottles and you will have homemade gifts to delight family and friends alike.

The cherries will have lost most of their colour to the brandy, but they taste delicious. Try then with vanilla ice cream for an indulgent adult dessert.

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