Ikea Forhoja trolley review

The Forhoja kitchen trolley is an impressive bit of kit. We bought one to act as a temporary kitchenette while the proper kitchen was getting a full renovation.


At £80 It represents good value. To buy the wood separately would cost almost the same.

One metre wide Forhoja workbench from Ikea

Tools required

The Forhoja comes with the ubiquitous Ikea hex tool, so all you need is a small and medium sized pozidrive screwdriver. If you have a rubber mallet, dig that out of the toolbox too. It is useful for pursuading dowels into snug holes, but it isn’t essential.


Overall a 7 out of 10 for the instructions because after checking three times (because I could see they were wrong) I followed the diagram and put the shelves in upside down. Normally this would have been a reason to severely reduce the score but this time it made no practical difference to the final result.


Solid. It I see mostly dowels and screwbolts. The finished unit is rock solid, reassuringly heavy and feels great to touch. As a temporary kitchen worktop it is excellent. The drawers come preassembled which is a pleasant surprise. They too are well built. Overall this is an excellent unit. The wood is thick enough to withstand anything that a domestic environment will throw at it.


I added a row of cuphooks to the underside of the desktop to hang cups and tea towels from. The other obvious addition that could be made would be a towel rail on the side without wheels that would also serve as a handle when moving the unit about. Another idea would be to upgrade the drawers by adding internal stops or replacing the front with flat plates and handles. However, this is not something I will do because of my reuse plans (see below).


Once the new kitchen is complete we would normally have no further use for the Forhoja. However, The construction is so good that I am happy to recycle this item as a portable workbench for the workshed. On sunny days I can bring it out and have easy access to tools, screws and so on. My old black and decker workmate is an excellent work surface, but I have crushed my fingers so many times when unfolding or folding the legs back up. The Forhoja with its one meter wide surface will be a great alternative.

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