Ten Inspirational pallet projects

I finished my simple log store recently and in doing so I have fallen in love with free pallet wood as a construction material. I have been scouring the web to see what I could do next and have been astounded by the talented folks out there who are turning unwanted pallets into all sorts of beautiful objects. Here are my to ten inspirational ideas for things to do with Pallets.

1) A simple wooden ‘toy’.

I love the simplicity of this video. I want one.

2) Pallet work bench.

I’m not a fan of the music choices, but Greg’s video does explain step by step how to build a really solid workbench for the shed.

3) Build a traditional wooden fence from pallets

Graeme uses some great lateral thinking to build a picket post fence before taking the pallet apart. Certainly a unique approach.

4) A rustic bench

This is one I will try out very soon myself. It would look great on the deck and save me a few bob. However I will probably double up the legs to double thickness.

5) A herringbone pattern table

BeachBum (aw, bless him) shows us how to lay out pallet boards to create a herringbone patterned table. Watching this was a lightbulb moment for me as I realised that I hadn’t even begun to really consider just how much can be achieved with free pallet wood.

6) make a chair from pallets

This chap is great at explaining and showing and filling you with confidence. However on all his videos once the job is done he tries to drop n a catchphrase that ruins the whole thing. Still, give it a go.

7) Pallet Wine Rack

Joe deserves to be knighted for this brilliant video. A wine rack is an essential household appliance ( no it is) so why not make one from pallets. I’m with Joe all the way on this one.

8) Strawberry Planter

This vid is a simple one but actually a tried and tested formula. A simple rustic wooden planter really does help you grow bigger strawberries with fewer slugs.

9) Pallet Headboard

The first 30 seconds of this vid by this annoyingly handsome chap has him showing off a brilliant looking pallet picture frame.so, there’s one option, but carry on watching and check out the headboard. It looks great.

10) Herringbone Pattern Table

Last but by no means least, Abby shows us how to use the aged, rustic wood from pallets as the base for antique effect signage. Lovely creative inspirational stuff.


Bonus bit. I found this really useful guide to choosing palettes and thought you might like it.

Source: Fix.com

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