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This is an article about beards from where they sell some rather spiffing men’s grooming products.

As we know, humans are a species of ape, and although most of us have far less body hair than our simian cousins, we do still grow quite a bit of hair.

Once puberty hits, men and women grow hair in all manner of interesting places. Have you ever stopped to wonder why?

Well, duh!  Its all about sex isn’t it?

Well sure, a good growth of facial hair might be about finding a mate, but if that were true then why do lots of women say they prefer the clean shaven look? New research says that beards are a ‘secondary sexual characteristic’, but one aimed to a degree at other men rather than women.

Normally in nature, the strength of a males secondary sexual characteristics (like a gorilla’s silver back or a baboon’s blue bum) is closely linked to testosterone. However the ability of human to grow whiskers doesn’t seem to follow this rule. According to the scientists (and much to my surprise), it appears that we aren’t growing them in order to say to the girls “Hey, look at me”.

We are actually telling other males that we are dominant. Although most females don’t seem to be too bothered about our facial hair, other males do defer to a man with a bigger, fuller and better kept beard. They perceive bearded men as more aggressive and dominant. This of course is seen by prospective sexual partners and they like it. Effectively our beards remove (or at least reduce) the opposition in the sexual marketplace. (Don’t ask me how this applies to the gay community but I suspect that similar rules apply!)

The science of well groomed beards

So according to psychologists if we want to win in anything in life, we can help reduce the chances of our competitors (and thereby boost our own chances) by making sure we have big, well groomed beards.

Ok, so you might have a huge haystack growing out of your face, but there is some good science behind why you should keep it well combed. The grooming process is about making the beard look more tamed. One theory says that an ape who receives regular grooming from others in the family is likely to be higher in the hierarchy, so by keeping our beards smooth, we are sending out the same message of dominance in the current social order of the family or tribe.

Do you want your facial hair to be as healthy and strong as possible? Here are tips on how to make your beard grow long and healthy!

Firstly, you need to clean it up often. The best product to keep your face furniture clean is good old soap (or shower gel) and water.

Now that you have your face clean, you can start to shape your beard.   Choose something that will suit your personality. Beyond that I will say nothing about the cut. That my hirsute friend is between you and your barber.

You can keep your beard looking fantastic by keeping it healthy. There are a number of products that you can buy that will keep your facial hair healthy and strong.

Most are based on oils such as almond oil which work to moisturize your beard.  Massage a drop or two into your whiskers on a daily basis. A good massaging routine and then a quick comb will help keep it soft and free from tangles.

The second thing that you can do is to make sure that you are drinking enough water. Staying moisturised ensures that the new beard growth will be as luxuriant as it can be.

Beyond those simple steps, all is vanity. Beards don’t take a huge effort to keep looking good. You can spend thousands on your bristles if you are so inclined, but there really is no need. Soap, beard oil a comb and a healthy lifestyle are all you need.

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