Light your garden with candles

Here is a quick tip for getting a good effect from candles in the garden. It is best summed up by saying “when it comes to candles more is better”.

Take a look at the photo. I saw this the other day at a very nice hotel close to our home and was really impressed by the effect these candles gave. Rather than just one single candle in a lamp they had put loads of them together and created a stunning look that lit up the hotel’s entrance area with a beautiful glow.

The same logic applies to those garden flares you can buy at the moment in garden centres. Whether you have real flames or solar powered ‘flame effect’ flares, place them in swathes or at least in groups of three rather than Singly around the edge of the garden.

Think of Garden flares and candles in the same way that you would plants or Garden ornaments.

Of course, the big problem with candles is the wind so having them in protective storm lanterns  is an excellent thing to do.

Choose storm lanterns and glass candle protection that looks good. You don’t have to have matching lanterns. In fact it is often a great idea to have each one slightly different from the next, but make sure each is one that you actually like.

Once the sitting out in the garden season is over bring your lanterns inside.this will protect them and allow you to use them year after year.

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