Here are some sites we hope you will like. They mostly cover practical projects and making cool stuff. The odd site is there simply because they are personal passions of ours.

How to make cider

Making cider is without doubt one of the best things about Autumn. You get out in the open air, pick beautiful fruits, crush them, squeeze them and turn the juice into alcoholic drinks. What could be finer?

Make a Paper Mache Helmet

Paper craft is an underrated art. See what you can achieve with newspaper and glue.

Fun Christmas

A site with ideas for Christmas for all the family. Decorations to make and buy too.


If you are in any way a tech nerd then you will love this site just as much as I do. Make tells you how to do cool stuff which is pretty much the best way to spend a weekend I can think of.


Easter can be a difficult holiday, so here are tips to help you get the best from it.

This is where you can get brewing equipment and tips too.

Pallet projects

Wooden pallets can be turned into all sorts of amazing things. Why not try one of these projects for yourself?


A hodge podge of articles on educational topics.

What’s new in the world of archaeology? Find out here.