Open a coupled toilet cistern

How to remove top of close coupled toilet cistern.

Old fashioned toilet cisterns had a ceramic lid that simply lifted off when you wanted to get inside to examine the flush mechanism or ball cock.

However modern close coupled units generally have the flush mechanism directly attached to the lid so removing it seems impossible.

cistern lid

What is a close coupled toilet?

A close coupled toilet is where the lavatory’s water tank (cistern) is close to the pan and directly attached to form a single unit rather than high on the wall. Close coupled toilets are now the most popular design of lav.

The secret is to undo the flush button first. The actual process depends upon the manufacturer, but the basic trick is to press down on the outer ring surrounding the flush button (or buttons in a dual flush system) and turn it anti-clockwise to remove the button setup.

You should now find that the lid lifts off. If there is any further impediment to getting the lid off make a quick call to the manufacturer or even a local supplier and ask for spcific instructions related to your model. Remember that the cost of a 2 minute phone call is a lot less than the cost of a new toilet.

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