Rejuvenate a shag pile rug

Shagpile rug are  wonderfully sensuous underfoot.  Walking barefoot or shagpile rug is one of the real pleasures in life.  However after a year  or two the pile starts to flatten and sensation becomes less and less enjoyable.  The good news is that returning a shagpile to something close to that shop bought state is actually quite easy.

Wet cleaning is great for shag pile rugs.

A standard once a week roll over with a vacuum cleaner will get rid of some of the dirt and dust that’s pushing your shag pile down. However, modern vacuums are no where  near as good as the old-fashioned upright cleaners on this type of floor covering.

Even an upright doesn’t get really  deep into the pile to remove the grime.  What you need is a professional water cleaner.  Proper cleaning machines for carpets and rugs can be hired at a very low cost  compared to the price of a new rug.

These machines are basically an industrial vacuum cleaner combined with water jets.

Follow the instructions on the cleaner and you will find it does a number of things.  Firstly it cleans your carpet or rug.  The physical weight of the dirt that is removed will allow the carpet to spring back to a certain degree.  It is really satisfying to see the colour change of the water that the machine sucks back up as you work it through the fibres.  But it is what the water does to the fibres that really makes the difference.   When you use a rug washer on Natural fibres like wool and cotton, theylose the greasy layer that has held the fibres tightly bound. So as the rug dries each individual tuft fluffs back up to return that lovely feel it had when you first bought it.

Now, there  or a couple of things to remember.  Firstly as your rug is made from natural fibres it will have a tendency to smell a little once it is wet.   The good news is that as it dries the smell dissipates and within a few hours is gone completely.  The second thing to remember is to vacuum your carpet or rug very regularly from now on. The less chance that dirt  has to get down to the base of the tufts, the springier your shag pile will remain.

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