Remove candle wax spills from carpet

Candles add atmosphere to a room. Candles spread a warm, flattering light that makes any room more inviting. There is a German word ‘Gemutlichkeit’ that doesn’t have an English equivalent but ask any German speaker what it means and invariably candlelight comes up in the conversation. Candles are a lovely thing, but accidents sometimes happen with dripping wax. If a candle drips on the carpet you may well be concerned that you will never get the wax out again.

How to remove candle wax from carpets

The good news is that removing wax is not a huge problem. Here is our procedure for removing candle wax from carpets. it’s actually quite simple.

You will need a blunt knife, a clothes iron and absorbent paper such as industrial bathroom towels or newspaper. Use black and white rather than coloured newsprint or white rather than coloured paper towels.

Firstly, After the wax has hardened, scrape off as much as you can with the knife.

To remove the rest, simply place the absorbent paper on top of the waxed stained carpet and then iron the paper carefully on a LOW heat. The wax will melt and be drawn into the fibres of the paper. As soon as wax has melted into the paper, swap for a clean piece of paper and continue the process until all the wax is removed.

That’s all there is to removing candle wax from carpet.

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