How to store and serve a Serano ham

Spanish air dried ham has come down in price recently and is now available on the bone from local butchers and supermarkets at amazing prices.

At the moment in our area we are paying just 6.15 a kilo for a leg of ham which would cost 40 per kilo when sold in little packets of sliced ham at the deli counter.

Storing the ham is easy. Hanging it up in a cool dry environment is the best option.

Serrano ham

A dedicated holder is also great. This has the added advantage of holding the ham steady when you carve it.

But what about storage? A ham can keep for many many weeks if you simply wipe a little olive oil over the cut portion and then cover with a tea towel. Nothing more difficult than that. No need to refrigerate. Just check regularly and if you see any sort of bloom developing on the fat, just wipe it away.

Spanish ham under cover

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