Take a new Car Roof-box on holiday for next to nothing

Driving the family car to a holiday destination is a bit of a chore for most people. What with the family and all the luggage you are likely to end up cramped, stressed and unable to see anything out of the back window. That is never a good start to one of the most important weeks of the year.

Then you see other cars cruising past with happy smiling families with loads of space inside. Then you notice how empty their car appears because all their luggage is packed away in a shiny black roof box. Genius.

Roof racks have been around for decades but the evolution of the solid bodied aerodynamic roofbox has meant they are now far more popular than ever before. The fashion for SUV style cars hasn’t hurt that growth either. Roofboxes are sleek, stylish and phenomenally practical solutions for families driving to all kinds of holiday destinations.

Thule Roof Box

However, the cost of a decent roofbox can be eyebrow raising to say the least. Thule is the undisputed market leader, but one you have paid for the bars and fittings and roof box you wallet will be noticeably lighter.

Then you come home and guess what; that pricey roof box of yours isn’t going to see any use for many many months.

Well, here is the alternative to buying a roofbox. Why not hire one? Thule and their competitors are more than happy to offer boxes for hire. This is because they know that a large number of hires will translate into sales when the customer returns. Roofboxes are really such a great thing to have that retailers can offer ridiculously low charges and a regularly unpack a brand new Carbox when you do hire them.

There are different styles (Thule currently offer VECTOR, MOTION XT, FORCE XT, OCEAN and MODULA EVO) and different sizes of roof box so don’t go for the first deal they offer you.

Remember that the roof box retailers know most people who rent go on to buy, so they will offer a great deal if you play a little hardball.

Whether you are looking for a rig for carrying bikes or Just a big shiny box to put all that luggage in, speak to someone about hiring before you buy. Not only are you going to get a great bargain, but you won’t have to worry about where to store a bloomin great roof box until you need it for next year’s big family holiday.

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