Turning A Perfect Wooden Ball

I don’t really know why wooden balls are so interesting, but they are.

Having just watched the video again I would say there is something about the juxtaposition of material and design that appeals to the crafts person inside us all, while there is something about the purity of a sphere that sparks the philosopher within. Or, could it be that I am talking a load of balls?  Probably, but no matter.   

The type of wood you choose is going to make a big difference to the balls you create. Colour, grain and how knotty a wood is will all affect the finished result. The strange thing is, regardless of what wood you choose, a finished, smoothly polished ball of wood is always pleasing. 

The finish is key. The ball shoul be as smooth as it can be. However, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Before we smooth the ball, we have to actually create it.

 So how do you do it?  Well This video shows you how.  I like Alan’s relaxed delivery style too.

Source: Turn A Perfect Wood Sphere Or Ball – No Expensive Jig

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