Turn your Ipad into a laptop

If you find yourself doing lots of typing on a Ipad (if you write for a blog for example) then you will soon find yourself coming up against one of the few limitations of an Ipad.  They are horrible for typing on because the in-built keypad simply isn’t designed for extended periods of typing.

So, to really get the most out of an Ipad you will  want to get a proper keyboard.

There are plenty of cheap copies, but I chose the Apple wireless keyboard from our local Apple store. I took it home, placed it in front of the ipad, turned it on and then went into my ipad settings to sync the two together. It took less than 10 seconds and suddenly I had a working keyboard. I am using it right now to type this article. The speed difference between using this and using the on-screen keyboard is quite dramatic. I did a test on my first day and my words per minute rate of typing doubled instantly.

The next thing is to get the right apps. Almost any standard task that is usually done in a browser, but doesn’t work well on a tablet will already have a tablet friendly app available to help bridge the use ability gap.

Blogging for example is a pain on the Ipad due to the way WordPress throws menus over the text editing box. However, the free wordpress for ipad app provides me with a simple interface for typing quickly and easily.

The lack of a traditional file system can be a problem if you want to use your tablet like a laptop, but again, there is an easy solution. A plugin USB drive becomes a file repository where you can keep your data safe and sound and easily accessible. The other alternative is simply to use your cloud space that came free with your ipad account.

What about when there is no broadband available?

Well, if you have an iphone you can tether the ipad to it and use the mobile network provided by your telephone. Be careful of roaming charges though.

With a setup like this you really can spend a working day in a coffee shop, library or anywhere you like and get work done while enjoying a comfortable, or even inspirational environment.




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