Why do Special Forces wear Casio watches?

Casio once had a reputation for cheap electronic calculators. They still have a reputation for selling cheap (almost disposable) wristwatches. But alongside this they have a reputation amongst elite military forces for being the manufacturer of some of the best watches a special ops soldier could ever want.

The company produced the world’s first shock-resistant wristwatch In 1983. They called it The G-Shock. It was an instant hit. Sports and outdoor enthusiasts came first, but the military soon followed. The casio watches were so durable and hard to break that pretty soon everyone was wearing them. Sure they didn’t (and still don’t) have the cachet of a six grand rolex submariner, but when you need a watch that actually tells the time…

Casio realised they were on to something and started to expand the brand. There are now close to 300 variations of G-Shock watch to choose from.

They all have some commonalities though. Water resistance is important and most are rated to 200 metres (which means they are great for scuba divers). Most have a light so they can be used at night (or again, be used underwater) and pretty much all of them have a stopwatch mode. Of course it goes without saying that all watches in the range are designed to take a beating and continue working regardless.

After that it is all about what the wearer wants. Solar powered vs battery powered, digital display vs traditional hands (or both if you prefer), stainless steel vs carbon core casing, GPS or bluetooth, and of course whatever colour you like. The list of variables is very long indeed.

With an eye trained directly on the military market the Casio watches G Shock range was extended with the ‘master ‘ series

  • G-Shock Gravitymaster Lineup
  • G-Shock Gulfmaster & Frogman lineup
  • G-Shock Mudmaster & Rangeman lineup
G-Shock Gravitymaster review

G-Shock Frogman
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